Drive attendance

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"Damn, in 5 minutes I think this just solved all of our PR problems."

How To Fill The Auditorium

Drive Attendance To Concerts, Events, And Recitals

With limited time, money, and people resources, learn how music organizations from the very small to the very large can increase attendance at performances, bring new people in the door and keep your existing following coming back.

Build Meaningful Engagement With Your Audiences

How the Michigan Marching Band leverages their live performances to attract, identify, segment, engage, and delight their audiences.

Detroit Institute Of Music Education Case Study

Prior to using Bandwindow, DIME had casually looked at software for its critical event promotion needs but found nothing that offered the right functionality that they needed. Most of the other products were over-priced for the size of their organization.

Read how they attracted a higher number of attendees to their concerts, auditions days, and other events while reduced the effort required of their staff.

We are able to reach all of our constituencies, whether it's prospective members, whether it's alums, fans, or parents.
Andrea Brown
Associate Director of Bands
Director of Athletic Bands
University of Maryland

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