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Real band directors

Real stories

We’ve had the highest quality of recruits in 20 years.
Rose Johnson
Administrative Coordinator, University of Nebraska Bands
Our audition numbers are through the roof higher than in the past.
Barry Houser
Associate Director of Bands and Director of the Marching Illini
University of Illinois
This is going to revolutionize how we find students to come here.
John Pasquale
Director of the Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands
University of Michigan
The product has clearly provided value, reduced the manual amount of work that we had to do, and improved our recruitment results.
Elise McCoy
Head of Recruitment and Admissions, Detroit Institute of Music Education
I will sing Bandwindow's praises as the best recruiting tool for any bands. I just won't tell anyone within 300 miles of us because I want it to be our hidden advantage!
Andrew Hunter
Associate Director of Bands
University of Texas, El Paso
Musicwindow is giving us the advantage of collecting interests from hundreds of potential members and then sending them custom-built information before they even leave our booth.

We are at 243 members for next year up from 205. Huge improvement in thanks to your system.
Tristan Hooks
Head of Marketing and PR, University of Kentucky Wildcat Marching Band

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