Creating Permission Moments to Take Your Band Recruitment to the Next Level

When interacting with prospective recruits at a recruitment event, there are many things they want. They want to feel special, they want to become educated about your band, and they want to know that you care. One thing that NOBODY wants to do, however, is submit their contact information to yet another contact list. Whether communicated verbally or in written form, the following pitches do NOT work anymore for today's over-stimulated and under-nurished Generation-Zer:

"Sign up for our mailing list!"

"Please give us your email address so we can send information."

"Enter in your information here so you can go into our database."

Seriously! Nobody wants to be in your database or in anyone's database. The pitches above each have one thing in common: they provide your potential audience with zero hope that they will realize any value from submitting their information. Let's face it: unless you have a way of staying in touch with the person, they are not in your audience. Without having either a phone number or email address, you have no way of driving that person toward joining your band.

So, how do we capture the person's valuable information? How do we take a stranger and make them a part of your audience? The answer is: The Permission Moment.

You've created a permission moment once somebody is excited and eager to provide their contact information to your band. There are 3 ingredients to a permission moment:

1) Having compelling content that is tailored to the individual's unique interests - Sending the same generic content to everyone does not work. People are becoming disengaged faster than ever and to combat this, you need to create one-to-one experiences.

2) Immediate delivery of information - Instant gratification has become the standard. Unless your potential recruit can realize value from providing their information RIGHT NOW, they won't be excited to do so.

3) Offering the choice of text message or email - People are more likely to offer their contact information in exchange for your content if they are given the choice of how they will receive that content.

The good news is, you have each of these capabilities woven into your Bandwindow software! Let's look at how we can tie this all together in a pitch that compels someone to sign up for your communications:

"Is joining the band something you might be interested in? Yes? Great, here's what I'll do. I'll compile the audition materials, the sheet music, everything you need to know, as well as some past footage of the band, and I'll send that your way. Okay? I'll also include a testimonial from one of our [trombone] players. I can actually send that right now - what's the best way to get that to you, text or email? Ah, [text message], great, what's the best number?"

Notice how in the above pitch, we are taking the person's excitement and channeling that into a permission moment. We are offering them something exciting that they can look at right now and giving them the choice of how to receive that information. Say this in a casual and conversational tone of voice. We are creating the permission moment one step at a time with light and easy-to-answer questions they can easily agree to:


  • Is it possible they will want to join the band?
  • Would they like some information?
  • How do they prefer to receive communications?
  • Let me just make sure I get your contact information correct.

From there, either you or the prospective recruit will enter their information into the form displayed on your tablet and the experience begins. Follow this format and stick to the Permission Moment framework and watch your recruitment numbers skyrocket!

For further insights or questions answered about creating permission moments, please contact your Bandwindow rep.

Post updated March 9th, 2019