you make beautiful music and put on thrilling performances.

we grow your recruitment, event attendance, and alumni engagement.

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70+ Band And Music Programs And Counting

BANDWINDOW empowers small, medium, and large college band and music programs to intelligently communicate with important audiences.


  • Increase the number of high school students who join your marching band, concert ensembles, and apply to your university's music school

  • Recruit a higher caliber of talented students

  • Attract larger audiences for your concerts

  • Maximize attendance at / participation in recruitment events, camps, opportunities for non-music majors, honor band / honor orchestra, giving campaigns, and all opportunities to get involved

  • Reduce paperwork, errors, and save time

  • Build a higher quality band


Your prospective recruits dream of performing in front of the largest audiences possible. Community members want to attend performances put on by the most talented students possible. Bandwindow helps on both sides. 

At the 2019 College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA) Athletic Bands Symposium, Bandwindow presented on the top strategies to drive recruitment and event attendance for today's marching bands and music departments.

Questions and Concerns

How do I learn more about Bandwindow?

Schedule a phone call by clicking the button below. You will speak to one of our team members over an informal "get-to-know-each-other" style conversation. We will see if your band program and Bandwindow are a good fit for each other. Afterward, we will provide the materials, resources, and information that make the most sense for what you ultimately want for your band or music school.


Does this tool comply with my university's technical regulations?

Bandwindow has been implemented at over 60 universities (and counting), most of which have very strict rules around what technology can be used. We haven't had any IT departments reject this tool. Bandwindow adheres to very strict industry-standard information security guidelines. A complete summary of our technical specs (most of which is very boring information if you are not in IT) is available upon request. Contact us for more info.

Our admissions office already has tools to handle admissions and enrollment

Bandwindow is a completely different category than admissions software. As one of many examples, if your tuba professor wants to share an invitation to a breathing workshop with all the prospectivce tuba recruits, he or she would not be able to use Slate, Ellucian, Salesforce, or anything of that sort to get that word out. Old-school batch & blast CRM tools were not designed to attract and inspire a 17 year old to join your marching band! Bandwindow is, however, great at directing more prospective students to your university's admissions website (who wouldn't have otherwise been reached), which Admissions always appreciates. Our product has been built to ensure no redundancy in feature set and that no data slips through the cracks. Contact us for more info.


I'm not technical at all. Can I still use Bandwindow?

Yes. We have many band directors, music school faculty, and administrators who have zero technical skills who are realizing value from Bandwindow everyday.  We get it - you have zero time to learn a new software. We know that for the most part. you are not a technologist or marketer. You are a musician or music educator. One of the main reasons programs love working with Bandwindow is we do all of the heavy lifting in terms of designing your content and campaigns. The tool has been built specifically for faculty and directors at music schools who are not accustomed to using fancy technology.




Who are you guys anyway?

We are a team of music enthusiasts, marketers, and engineers. We have all been performing arts students before launching Bandwindow. From first-hand experience, our team has a unique combination of expertise in the college band industry, engaging Generation-Zers, and marketing.





I would rather wait to implement a solution like this

If you wait, you will be leaving a lot of opportunity on the table. Every time a prospective student visits your website, attends a performance, walks past your music building, and every time a faculty member does a workshop at a high school, prospective students are slipping through the cracks. These are high quality students, alumni, and fans who you want to begin a relationship with. You often only have one chance to be capturing these people and getting them into your network. You should not wait to do this.  

Meet the Team

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