Bandwindow is a forward-thinking communications platform built specifically for the needs college athletic bands.

  1. Supercharge Recruiting - Increase both the quantity and quality of band members you recruit with outreach that is 10X more engaging for today's Gen Z student
  2. Drive Event Attendance - Increase attendance at events like Band Member For A Day, concerts, Spring Game, and others, with modern-looking and effective communications
  3. Engage Your Fans - Excite your fans, alumni, and donors with attention grabbing, compelling communications
  4. Streamline Auditions - Easily manage your audition process including video uploads, scheduling, scoring, promotions, and more.
  5. Capture Video Stories - Convert the passion of both your current students and alumni into an ever-growing library of content that brings prospective band members over the fence toward joining

Bandwindow provides enormous relief and powerful capabilities for time-starved band directors, band recruitment committees, and administrators.

Check out some of our materials below and if it seems like this might be a fit, we invite you to get in touch.

"I knew this would be a successful tool if we could have 57 students enroll with a music scholarship. That's what we were aiming for. In our first year using Musicwindow, we actually ended up enrolling 91 music students. Our faculty couldn't be more excited."

Dr. Peter Folliard

Dean of the Augustana University School of Music

Recruit Your Highest Quality Athletic Band

The future of college athletic band recruiting has arrived. Traditional recruiting approaches have significant gaps with today's Gen Z student. We're in this new era where prospective band members have new standards and new expectations.

By infusing relevance into every interaction with modern and engaging tools, you will gain attention, interest, and increased sign-up from potential band recruits.

Recruiting students for a music department is more competitive compared to other departments within the university

Students are questioning if pursuing Music is the right choice in this economy. There is a finite pool of talent out there that competing music departments are all going after. It's quite challenging.

Interactive Visual Quizzes give your band program a powerful competitive advantage. Collect interest from significantly more potential students (who would otherwise be unknown to your organization), and create a smash-hit first impression that tilts the student's decision making in your favor.

The Old Methods Of Outreach Are Not Getting Attention - Individualize Your Recruiting Experience Instantly

When we find out that Kaitlin plays Tuba, is interested in Music Ed, and likes Athletic Bands, if our communications are not speaking directly to those music-specific interests, that is a gigantic missed opportunity.

"Billboard-like" communications are static - they appear the same to different people who are interested in different things. This style of outreach makes your prospective students feel like they are "just a number in a database," making you 5-8 times less likely to convert them to an audition or band camp sign-up.

"Our university's overall enrollment is actually down and this is a focal point for the university, but thanks to the tools and strategy from Musicwindow, the Music Dept. is up about 50% in enrollment this year compared to last year!"

The New Way To Get Attention And Convert Potential Music Students

In 2024, getting potential students to pay attention to recruiting messages is more challenging than ever. If you are still sending one-size-fits-all plain emails that feel like a mass-memo, you are missing out on opportunities to fill your ensembles and studios.

"Even during the pandemic, the UNT Green Brigade has developed more prospective members than ever"

Dr. Daniel Cook

Former director of the University of North Texas Green Brigade, Director of Bands Ithaca College

Rapidly Collect TikTok-Like Content For Recruiting

The way to connect and build trust with prospective students has changed in recent years and candidly, most music departments are no-where near keeping up. In 2024, having authentic video stories is a non-negotiable for effective higher-ed music recruitment.

Our Video Stories solution allows you to build your content library in the easiest way imaginable.

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