Questions And Concerns

Our admissions office already has tools to handle admissions and enrollment

Every university we work with either uses Slate, Ellucian, Salesforce, or an equivalent. Bandwindow is a categorically different product than an admissions database; Bandwindow gives music schools a significant competitive differentiator.

As one of many examples, if your brass professor wishes to share an invitation to a local DCI event with all the marching band recruits who expressed interest, he or she would not be able to use an admissions database to get the word out and get the students excited with visually-engaging content. A somewhat straightforward use case, and you've already hit a brick wall if you're solely leaning on an admissions database.

Old-school batch & blast CRM tools were not designed to attract and inspire a 17-year-old to participate in your ensembles or study music at your school. Bandwindow can, however, direct more students to your university's admissions website (who would not have been reached otherwise), which Admissions always appreciates.

Our product has been built to ensure zero redundancy in feature set and no data that slips through the cracks. Contact us for more info.

Does this tool comply with my university's technical regulations?

Yes. Bandwindow has been built, tested, and implemented at over 100 universities (and counting), most of which have strict rules around what technology can be used. We have had zero IT departments reject this tool. Bandwindow adheres to strict industry-standard information security guidelines. A complete summary of our technical specs (most of which is very boring information if you are not in IT) is available upon request.

How do I learn more about Bandwindow?

You can view an on-demand mini demo of our product by clicking the button below. You will be taken to a questionnaire where you will answer a few simple questions. After submitting, a mini-demo will be auto-generated for you which you can view and interact with at your leisure.

If it still seems interesting from there, you will be offered the opportunity to speak with a strategist from our team who will put together a solution that is tailored to your unique program. The way you do things might be different than the universities featured on our website, so having a conversation at some point would be prudent.

If I'm being honest, I can barely turn on a computer without a grad student helping me... Can I still use Bandwindow?

Yes. We have many band directors, faculty, and administrators who have little technical skills who are realizing value from Bandwindow everyday.  We get it - you do not have time to learn a new software. We know that for the most part, you are not a technologist or marketer. You are a musician or music educator. Bandwindow does the heavy lifting. The product has been built specifically for faculty and directors who are not accustomed to fancy technology.

Who are you guys anyway?

We are a team of band enthusiasts, marketing experts, and engineers. We have all been performing arts students before launching Bandwindow. Our team has an oddly specific combination of expertise in the college band industry, engaging Gen-Zers, and marketing.

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